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Social Media Marketing Services in Sri Lanka

Is your brand getting the reach it deserves online? With Dynessco social media strategies your brand will reach the stratosphere.

Physical advertising/marketing strategies are a thing of the past, your brands’ online presence is what counts today! Are you utilizing the internets’ full potential to market your brand? Here at Dynessco we specialize in all social media marketing in Sri Lanka strategies. We offer a bespoke service by optimizing new trends and online platforms with content creation aimed at your customer base and what social media platforms they are using. Build a strong social media presence with a leading social media marketing agency in Sri Lanka.

A successful social media campaign aims to increase the number of followers, engagement, and traffic to your social media pages.
Social Media Managing Packaging

Choose a Suitable Package For you

A team of expert eCommerce website developers and designers at your disposal to build you a site that sells.

What We Doing For You?

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Your brand tone is more than an ordinary name. It is a crafted strategy that you need to maintain. We strategize on important improvements based on past performances and industry research.

Content Development & Promotion

Content Development & Promotion

Story telling is our passion. We help you create buzz and widen your social reach through highly interactive content and campaigns.

Multi Channel Integration

Multi Channel Integration

Take advantage of our multi-channel integration strategy for effective data integrations across all your social channels and connect with your target audience efficiently.

Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Drive vast amount of traffic to your content and your website, with our impactful campaigns. If you do not have a high-performance website, contact Dynessco to build one!

Social Listening & Monitoring

Social Listening & Monitoring

We consistently listen to and monitor social conversations around your interests to help you gain better consumer insights and discover potential opportunities.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Our reports are customized to help your organization improve on the advertising budgets, by measuring past performances. We use top social media marketing tools to analyze your performance.

Expand your search through FACEBOOK

Facebook is one of the largest online platforms where you can reach more than 2 billion active monthly users. We assure you that your content will reach your target audience with our smart Facebook strategies.

A picture says a thousand WORDS

Instagram is a purely visual platform and relies on photos/images and videos making it a very powerful tool for social media marketing campaigns. We will create eye-catching images for your brand, with content to go with it, and smart usage of specific hashtags that is sure to increase your Instagram engagement.

Make more LINKS

LinkedIn is a professional platform where educated and experienced individuals converge. It is a great place for your business to promote your services/products with more detail and find the right clientele. Having a LinkedIn account can also make your business look professional and trusted which can help attract more customers.

Become a Trending TOPIC

Twitter is a trusted platform with a wide demographic of users. We will use trending hashtags to your brand’s advantage by creating relevant promotional content that is sure to stop a user from scrolling past, giving your brand the attention it deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is an internet marketing strategy that uses social media platforms to promote a product or service.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Social Media Marketing For My Brand?

1- Increased Brand Authority

2- Improved Brand Loyalty

3- Higher Conversion Rates

4- Builds a Relationship with Your Customer

5- Increase Brand Visibility

How Often Will I Receive Performance Reports?

We offer monthly SMM reports, however, if you require more reports please inform our SMM team and we will send in reports as requested.

How Do I Choose An Smm Package That Fits My Brand Well?

Yes, it does! You can easily create an impact with SMM and access your customers on a more personal level making your brand look approachable and friendly. Many businesses today implement SMM into their overall marketing strategy.

Does SMM Work For Businesses?

Our websites are compatible with any screen size. Especially since people tend to use their smart devices more often we understand the importance of a responsive site.

What Must I Provide To Tectera Before Starting The SMM Campaigns?

After the initial meetings and briefs between us regarding the project and what SMM package suits you best we will require access to the following:

1- Social Media Account/s

2- Google Analytics

3- Google Tag Manager

Why Work With Dynessco?

We are a leading SMM agency in Sri Lanka and have run successful campaigns for many businesses. We offer our clients a bespoke experience with effective and efficient strategies that yield great results. We offer high-quality service without any hindrances, for any budget. Set up an appointment with us today!

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